Lee Grabarczyk
Lee Grabarczyk

I am an ET experiencer who also comes from a family of intuitives. In the past three years I have been creating sacred geometric artwork. These images I believe come to me during highly active theta wave dreamstates. They represent concepts, individuals and naturally occurring events. I believe they serve the viewer by activating awareness in a non-threatening way. I have a long work history in the visual arts and have a degree in Art direction from Pratt institute. In addition to the creation of artwork I currently work as an intuitive coach.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/soulful_mandalas/?hl=en

Pablo Antonio Alvarez (AKA Mars Jupiter)

Pablo Antonio Alvarez (AKA Mars Jupiter) was born in Arroyo Naranjo, Cuba in 1987. He grew up during the famine known as “Periodo Especial” in the late 80s and early 90s, which came as a result of the collapse of the Soviet Union.

In the year 1994, Mars Jupiter had an experience that would change his life forever. One night, he and his sister were getting ready for bed, when a tall dark shadow and a small being visited them. Strangely, only he could see the visitors standing in front of him. The smaller being was as he described, “the size of a child” and had large almond shaped eyes, which the boy confused with “El Elegua”, which is a popular saint in the Santeria religion that is prevalent in Cuba.

Suddenly, one of the beings grabbed his arm. It seemed interested in a religious bracelet that the boy was wearing (Ilde). At this time, he started to scream, which summoned his mother and grandmother to the room.

His sister, his mother and his grandmother could all see how he struggled to gain back control of his arm. They also claim that the bracelet spun around his wrist on its own.

That experience was very impactful but only the beginning. From that time until the present day, he had many other experiences which included a dark shadow that smelled just like Whitley Strieber describes (strong or old cinnamon smell), and an orange orb sighting (2022).

Mars Jupiter has acquired a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from New World School of the Arts in South Florida and a Master’s Degree in Sculpture from California College of the Arts.

His main practices are sculpture and drawing. His sculptures consist of materials like Ceramics and wood. His drawings on the other hand, are usually done in ink or in graphite on paper.

Some of the principal themes found in Mars Jupiter’s work are communism, cultural relativism, UFOs and other paranormal phenomena.