Who are they? Why are they here? What do they want? 

They have been with us for all of recorded history yet we do not know them.
They have interfered in ancient battles and surveil our modern warships. Their technology can shut down our nukes and outrun our fastest jets. They have reportedly killed and they have healed. They kidnap us only to release us.
Are they E.T.? Time Travelers?  Inter-dimensionals? Or something else?
Most importantly, what do they want?
Come and find out!
Friend or Foe? 2.0

2023 MUFON Symposium Keynote Speaker:

David Paulides

Missing 411 The UFO Connection

After investigating people who have disappeared in the forests and national parks of North America,

David’s research has developed compelling information on the relationship between UFOs with missing people.

A Wyoming hunter disappears and is eventually found with profound physical changes. A Hunting guide tells a story to his girlfriend being followed out of the woods by a UFO in the same forest as the hunter that was abducted.

A massive archive search of this region identifies a series of missing hunters, all were German.

David’s perseverance to uncover facts related to these missing people is an impressive data point in UFO abduction research.

2023 Symposium
Master of Ceremonies:

Peter Robbins

Peter Robbins is one of America’s most respected investigative writers specializing in the subject of UFOs. He is a regular guest on American and UK radio and podcasts and has appeared as a guest on, and been consultant to numerous television shows and documentaries.

Peter will also be moderating this year’s Speaker Panels.  Be sure to catch one!

To learn more about Peter, click here.

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Field Investigator Training

The Field Investigator Training (FIT) session will provide instruction on a number of different topics of interest to Field Investigators.

special tour

MUFON will be adding a few special tours as add-on events for you to enjoy. A major highlight will be the National Airforce Museum of the US Air Force at Wright Patterson AFB. Click the button below to find out what they are!

Saturday Speaker Panel

“Screen Memories” Tool or Weapon!

Experiencers are often left in the dark in the aftermath of what happened with bizarre memories of Owls and other animals

sunday speaker Panel

Physiological Effects and Alien Intent!
Intentional or Accidental?

In the aftermath of an encounter, witnesses are left not only with psychological trauma but also physical effects in many cases.

Saturday experiencer session

These workshops will cover aspects of contact, reports made by abductees/contactees, and will include a discussion and experiencer sharing. Photography and recording not allowed. Thank you

Sunday Experiencer Session

These workshops will cover aspects of contact, reports made by abductees/contactees, and will include a discussion and experiencer sharing. Photography and recording not allowed. Thank you

For Centuies, Mankind has been fascinated with things in the sky

Enjoy UFOs in Art from people all around the world!

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

You can always depend on MUFON to bring you the finest speaker lineups and the latest well researched information! This past Symposium in Denver was no exception and attendees really enjoyed hearing progress in the study of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena from those in the know!

Marc D’Antonio 

Image Analyst

The MUFON yearly Symposium is the synthesis of the years accomplishments for the Mutual UFO Network. For those interested in the subject it is the best way to reconnect with others who are a part of this dynamic community, learning sharing and relating the cutting edge knowledge in this field. If you want to be informed and kept up to date, you won’t want to miss this event.

Jennifer Stein


If you want to hear extremely interesting speakers covering a wide spectrum of topics related to the phenomenon, then you should definitely participate in the 2023 MUFON Symposium! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the range of topics covered in prior Symposiums from the hard science to the esoteric, and, from current developments to historical research. The Symposiums have offered wonderful opportunities to interact with speakers, MUFON members and notable persons working in these fields. Don’t miss the educational sessions for experiences, field investigations and photographic analysis……I’ve found them really helpful, informative and fun!

Chris Frantz


“My husband and I attended the 2021 MUFON Symposium in Las Vegas and also the 2022 Symposium in Denver.  We had such a great time! We learned so much and made lasting friendships with some fantastic people. The MUFON Leadership was very welcoming and all of the Speakers were top notch! Can’t wait to attend this year’s Symposium in Cincinnatti!”

Mindy Tautfest

SD, Oklahoma

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The MUFON Symposium Team

Meet the people who keep MUFON going in a positive, professional, and prestigious direction. They have a passion for UFOlogy, and are dedicated to bringing you the most up to date, factual, and scientifically based information about credible UFO sightings, landings, and contacts.

David ‘Dave’ MacDonald


Hannah Trimble


Marketa Klimova


Ron James


Bob Spearing


Earl Grey Anderson


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