Clas Svahn



“The Real X-files and the Mystery of the Ghost Rockets”

Clas will discuss where a significant amount of information is located, such as the Archives for the Unexplained (A.F.U.), located in Sweden.  It was founded in 1973 and is the largest archive of its kind.  A.F.U. is run as a foundation and Clas is the chairman.  It contains millions of files, newspaper clippings, pictures, audio tapes, films, objects from many parts of the world and information is provided in many languages.  The A.F.U. Library contains more than 33,000 books and more than 100,000 magazines about UFOs, ghosts, visions, sea monsters, astronomical anomalies, unusual natural phenomena and all other Fortean topics. 

Clas will tell you all about one of UFO phenomenon’s most intriguing cases that can be found at the A.F.U.  It is known as the Scandinavia UFO flap that started in 1946.  It is called “Ghost Rockets.”  During a seven month time period, 973 sightings were recorded by the Swedish military and many more were reported in the press as it preceded the modern “flying Saucer” era by more than a year.  Clas has investigated the original documents, interviewed many of the principal witnesses and military investigators, and followed the Ghost Rocket phenomenon into modern times where mysterious cigar shaped objects are still crashing into lakes.  Clas will explain how UFO-Sweden is undertaking a complex expedition to a remote lake in the very north of Sweden in order to try to find one of them.


Clas Svahn is the chairman for Archives for the Unexplained (A.F.U.).  He is also the international coordinator and vice chairman for UFO – Sweden.  Since 1974, Clas has been an investigator of UFOs and other not fully explained phenomena.  He has investigated approximately 1,500 cases.  Over 30 years ago, he started running a field investigation trainee course for +45 persons every October. Clas became a trained journalist in 1978.  He started working at Dagens Nyheter, which is Sweden’s largest newspaper, in 1990.  Clas is the editor for UFO-Aktuellt, UFO-Sweden’s quarterly magazine. Clas is a regular guest on Swedish TV, radio shows, and newscasts.   He is often used as an expert in UFOs, unusual natural phenomena and astronomy.  He gives lectures all over Sweden.