A. J. Gevaerd



“UFOs in Brazil are an Official Matter”

Brazil has been the first country in the world to publicly recognize the extraterrestrial nature of UFOs, in as early as 1954, when the first official committee for UFO research was established in the country by the Brazilian Air Force.  After that, and on at least three other occasions, the nation’s government treated UFOs in an official manner by conducting serious research.  In 2004, A. J. Gevaerd became the head of the Brazilian Committee of UFO Researchers.  He started the first national campaign to request governmental disclosure of UFO secrets obtained in those decades of military efforts to investigate the phenomena.  The results were positive and the military has released approximately 20,000 pages of impressive documents so far, including those that reveal that UFOs are solid and are under intelligent control.  There is official Brazilian involvement with the UFO Phenomena.


A. J. Gevaerd studied Chemistry at several universities in Brazil.  Chemistry was his first passion which resulted in him becoming a teacher of it at 14 years old.  By that time, he was already pursuing the mysteries involved in the UFO phenomena and was a devoted investigator of flying saucer sightings and alien contact with humans.  A. J. Gevaerd started lecturing about UFOs in 1978.  At 23 years of age, he decided to quit his career as a Chemistry teacher to devote full time to his UFO research in 1985. 

For the past 35 years A. J. Gevaerd has been the founder and editor of the Brazilian UFO Magazine.  This is the only one that exists in his country.  This magazine is one of the longest lasting magazines about Ufology in the world today.  Brazilian UFO Magazine had one companion, UFO Especial, now discontinued.  Brazilian UFO Magazine is monthly and circulates all over Brazil and Portugal producing 20,000 copies.  A. J. Gevaerd is also the founder and director of the Brazilian Center for Flying Saucer Research (CBPDV), the largest organization in South America, with over 3,600 members, and Brazilian Exopolitics Institute (IBEXO).

A. J. Gevaerd has been engaged in Ufology for over 40 years and has personally investigated over 1,000 cases.  Over the past 35 years, he has been the only UFO researcher in Brazil exclusively dedicated to the UFO phenomenon in a professional manner as the editor of the Brazililan UFO Magazine.  He leads a team of over 400 experts in the subject that are members of the Brazilian UFO Magazine’s Editorial Board.  As a national and international speaker, A. J. Gevaerd has lectured over 2,000 times in dozens of cities in his country and has conducted investigations and lectures in over 50 countries around the world.

A. J. was appointed by Dr. J. Allen Hynek to be the representative of the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) in Brazil in 1983.  He was one of the international directors of the Annual International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada, for many years and is the Brazilian Director for MUFON.  A. J. Gevaerd was the creator of the campaign UFOs:  Freedom of Information Now and was the head of the Brazilian Committee of UFO Researchers (CBU) until January 2012.  That commission was received in 2005 by the Nation’s top military in the main Brazilian Air Force Headquarters.   One could examine secret UFO documents for the very first time in the country.  This is the most recent official UFO disclosure in the world.  As a result of the Committee of UFO Researcher’s efforts, the Brazilian Government has officially disclosed over 10,000 pages of UFO documents that were previously kept secret.