Location: Denver, CO, 80202 USA

Valiant Thor – Craig Campobasso

Valiant Thor – Craig Campobasso

Craig Campobasso will be presenting the story of Valiant Thor in its entirety as told to him by Dr. Frank Stranges, Thor’s friend of just under fifty years and author of the book Stranger at the Pentagon. He will cover Thor’s arrival in Washington DC in 1957 and departure in 1960, why he came to advise the Eisenhower administration, who his Vice Commanders and crew are, and why he allowed himself to be photographed at ET Contactee Howard Menger’s UFO lecture. Craig will share the blueprints to Thor’s Victor Class Fleet Saucers and talk about Thor’s Starship, others that Thor had face-to-face contact with, personal stories of Dr. Frank and Thor never before talked about in public, a healing Thor performed on an astronaut, and another healing performed by Vice Commander Teel, and where Thor is today.


Jul 10 2022


2:55 PM - 4:05 PM


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