Location: Denver, CO, 80202 USA

Experiencer Workshop #1 – No Press Please

Experiencer Workshop #1 – No Press Please

Workshop: The Reality of Contact

Host: Earl Grey Anderson – Member of MUFON’s Experiencer Resource Team

Are you an experiencer of contact or abduction by non-human intelligent entities (NHI)? Or do you think you might be, and are you interested in learning more about the subject from some of the world’s leading researchers and investigators of contact with NHI? This interesting and informative workshop will cover aspects of NHI contact, reports made by abductees/contactees, and will include a discussion and experiencer sharing. Photography and recording not allowed. Thank you.

This event costs $45.00 in addition to your Symposium ticket. To purchase tickets, scroll down to the Add ons and Show Specials section of the registration page.


Jul 09 2022


7:15 AM - 8:50 AM



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