Stanton T. Friedman



“A Glimpse of Consciousness Technology”

Fifty years of experiments have demonstrated an unexplained influence of consciousness upon the physical world. As mainstream science works to explain the phenomena, new opportunities exist to create a radically new technology that could harness this relationship between mind and matter–a so-called “consciousness technology.” Adam will discuss ongoing efforts to bring consciousness technology out of the realm of science fiction, and into the realm of consumer devices.

There will be a working consciousness technology prototype introduced, with opportunity for audience demos.


Adam M. Curry is an inventor and tech entrepreneur in California. His background is in traditional hardware and software startups, and in the scientific study of consciousness, having spent over ten years in its research community, at places like Princeton University’s PEAR lab and the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

Adam got his start in tech at 17, when MIT named an asteroid after him for inventing a new seismology device based on electrogravitics. His work has been featured on Through the Wormhole, VICE, SIRIUS, and elsewhere. Currently he is cofounder and manager of several companies based on new-paradigm science, including Entangled: a mobile app that explores global consciousness.