William Crowley


Bill Crowley is a truth seeker who has always been drawn to the paranormal, with specific interests in UFO’s and Sasquatch.

Bill’s first UFO experience was in the mid-90’s while on the Big Island in Hawaii, where he had a night-time sighting over the ocean that was completely unexplainable.  He has had a lot of awesome sightings since then, as well.

A graduate of Stanford University, he also is an All-American Track and Field athlete and was inducted in the Massachusetts Track Hall of Fame.  While living in Japan, the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs contracted with Bill to travel the world as a bi-lingual cultural ambassador through his work in the 400-year-old Japanese comedic artform, Rakugo.  His mission in this lifetime is to continue his cross-cultural work by being a bridge between humans and other non-human species.

Bill is a MUFON Orange County Board Member and a MUFON Field Investigator and co-founder of Galactic Ambassadors, a non-profit group at www.GalacticAmbassadors.com .